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Stanford med student/HHMI fellow investigates bacteriophage therapy as an alternative to antibiotics

MIT VSA alum Eric Trac is featured on Stanford Medicine website

eric trac


MIT VSA student Quan Nguyen featured on USA Today

“Before coming to America, I planned to become a pharmacist; however, my plans changed significantly when my father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C,” he says.

In Vietnam, herbal remedies are more commonly used as opposed to Western medicines. He soon learned from a pharmacist in the family that the coating of the medicines lessen the potency, thus affecting how they treat illnesses.

As his father’s health worsened, Nguyen decided that he wanted to become a materials scientist to research more effective drug delivery methods, which inspired his desire to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for its biomedical engineering program.



Startup found by MIT VSA alum Long Phan about to take off:


New Google Store page designed by MIT VSA alum Viet-Anh Nguyen

Google Store page

Featured in the Verge


VSA alum named Vietnam Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Congratulation to Cat-Thu, our MIT VSA alum, who has been recently named by Forbes Vietnam as 30 under 30 ! Cat-Thu is currently founder and CEO of Mindstep, an educational venture in Vietnam

forbes vietnam

Full story (in English):
Vietnam’s 30 Under 30


Misfit raises another $40M from Xiaomi and others, fixes gaze on China market

Mistfit is a wearable technology company based in California, found by MIT VSA alumnus Sonny Vu


VSA Picnic to Rhodes Island


VSA Study Break with Chris Nguyen, CEO of TopFlight Technologies


A conversation with David Thomas, Director of Indochina Arts Partnership

A conversation with David Thomas, Director of Indochina Arts Partnership. Great man dedicated to Vietnamese culture and arts:


New Hampshire Road Trip [10/14 - 10/15]

Thanks Meaghan and her family for hosting VSA over Columbus Weekend [10/14 - 10/15]