Since Fall 2017, Thao Do, new social chair of VSA has initiated a new subgroup called VSA art. So far VSA art has organized 2 events where people made painting and played music. Active members include Hang Le, Duong Vuong and Thao Dinh.

A new start


2017 has been a truly amazing year for MIT VSA. Here are some of our biggest achievements:

  • We welcomed four undergrads and four graduate students to our VSA community.
  • We elected a fresh leadership board this October.
  • We started VSA Art meetings where lovers of traditional Vietnamese Art can gather to create and enjoy art.
  • We continued our role as the host of the Christmas celebration for Vietnamese students from all around Boston.
  • We secured funding for the Winter 2018 cycle
  • Last but not least, you’re reading this post on the newly updated VSA website!

These exciting changes reflect our mission to be not just a community, but a supportive environment and a second home for Vietnamese students living abroad.

2018 promises to be an even more exciting year as we hope to integrate better with the community of Vietnamese students in the Boston area as well as the international community at MIT. We’re taking part in the Dining Etiquette event with the International Student Office and will work closely with the International Student Association to organize an international food festival for the MIT community. Also, look out for our upcoming large events such as Tet, Vietchallenge and the comeback of Viet Youth Project. And of course, don’t forget the numerous spontaneous hangouts and dinners.

Stay tuned, and Happy New Year!



MIT senior Võ Tiến Phong named new Marshall Scholar


MIT senior Võ Tiến Phong, from York, Pennsylvania, has been awarded a Marshall Scholarship to attend a university in the United Kingdom. Established in 1953, the Marshall Scholarship is granted to up to 40 American students each year. The scholarship finances graduate education at a U.K. academic institution and is open to talented students in all fields of study.

At MIT, Võ re-established and leads the campus-based Gates Millennium Scholars organization, where he works to provide other scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds with professional opportunities and academic support. The group also engages in outreach and mentorship to local low-income and first-generation high school students. Kimberly Benard, assistant director for Global Education and Career Development Distinguished Fellowships, says, “Phong represents the very best of MIT through his leadership, scholarship, and compassion. His vision includes not only answering important scientific questions but also making physics education more accessible in places such as his home country of Vietnam.”


Meet Tri Tran, the man who wants to end home cooking

tri tran

“With a decades-long background as an engineer, Tran brings more than a pinch of experience in tech to the table. It’s a good thing, given that Munchery is pretty much a massive restaurant that’s been re-engineered specifically for delivery orders. So instead of you traipsing to the grocery store and cooking for yourself (God forbid) or ordering greasy takeout, Tran — who admittedly isn’t much of a cook or foodie himself — wants you to order gourmet dishes, whipped up by Munchery chefs, that start at $10 excluding delivery. Of course, the startup launched in San Francisco, where even dinner isn’t safe from “disruption.” It eventually expanded to New York City, Seattle and, most recently, Los Angeles.”


Một thời khát sách – MIT VSA alum Vo Ta Han


“Khi thấy những không gian ngập tràn sách trong ngày hội sách đang diễn ra ở nhiều thành phố lớn, lòng tôi rộn lên một niềm vui khó tả. Tôi bỗng nhớ về những ngày chật vật gom từng cuốn sách từ nước ngoài về Việt Nam, thời chúng ta còn hiếm sách.

Tôi từ Singapore về lại Việt Nam lần đầu vào cuối thập niên 1980. Sài Gòn lúc ấy vắng hoe. Các nhà sách ở đường Đồng Khởi còn tiêu sơ với một ít sách cũ kỹ đặt trên những chiếc kệ thô sơ. Mỗi lần về công tác, tôi thường tìm mua sách mới xuất bản trong tháng, mà gom tất cả cũng chỉ vừa một vali xách tay. Nhận thấy nhu cầu cấp bách cần chuyển tải những kiến thức mới cho giới trẻ, khi về lại Singapore, tôi tìm cách quyên sách để gửi về nước. Ban đầu, tôi viết một lá thư rồi nhân lên 100 bản gửi đến các nơi quen biết, bạn bè, trường cũ… để xin sách. Với cách này, tôi quyên được 1.500 cuốn, gửi tặng Viện Kinh tế Hà Nội và Sài Gòn.”


MIT VSA student Quan Nguyen featured on USA Today

“Before coming to America, I planned to become a pharmacist; however, my plans changed significantly when my father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C,” he says.

In Vietnam, herbal remedies are more commonly used as opposed to Western medicines. He soon learned from a pharmacist in the family that the coating of the medicines lessen the potency, thus affecting how they treat illnesses.

As his father’s health worsened, Nguyen decided that he wanted to become a materials scientist to research more effective drug delivery methods, which inspired his desire to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for its biomedical engineering program.